Monday, April 19, 2021

SWAA Members' Store for April

 Be sure to check out what The Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association has in their Member Store for the month of April. Click here to visit.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Online Membership Payment Problem

Houston - we have a problem. Isn't that how it is said in one of the Apollo movies? 

Someone has joined or renewed membership April 1 paying online using the Square online payment system we have in place, but not filling in the membership form to go with that payment. If PayPal is used, the money is held for 30 days, but we do know who made that payment. When the Square payment system is used, we get the money immediately, but we have no way of knowing who sent the money (at least not any that I can find). 

So ...... did any of you renew your membership on April 1? 
Contact us at and let us know it was you.

SWAA Members' Store - April

The SWAA Members' Store has been updated for the month of April with 12 new pieces. Be sure to check it out at

You will find some amazing work from the following SWAA members: 

Bentz, Elizabeth

Campbell, Beth

Cote, Cecilia J. 

Geisbrecht, Martie

Hubbard, Craig

Kasdorf, Judy

Lasko, Connie

Minter, Terry

Rebalkin, Harvey

Tysdale, Sheila

Van Cleemput, John

Unger, Reuben