Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Colourful Travels" by Barbara & Bill Janman

Barbara and Bill Janman, long-time attendees of Reflections would like to introduce 

This newly published book is not only a colouring book but a journal and sketch book as well. Colouring has shown therapeutic benefits for the brain, as well as general wellness, quietness, mindfulness. These books trigger thoughts about past experiences which may help to re-wire pathways of memory. 

You can create your own story as you tour Alberta. Describe when, where, why, what you are doing and who you meet along the way. Maybe you keep track of mileage and expenses too, there’s room for that. Encourage your family to be creative together, get Grandpa and Grandma to tell you about their previous experience while touring Alberta. These books have something for everyone. 

There are short descriptions or stories tied to the scenes you will be colouring. These bits of information are designed to educate as well as trigger memories of places we have visited or perhaps where we might want to visit next. 

We will receive our first copies of Colourful Travels in mid-August and will be launching this book shortly thereafter. 

We will invite you to join us to help launch the very first book in the series of “Sights of Canada”. There are a total of 6 books covering Canada coast to coast.  

“Sights of Canada – Alberta “ is available now on at the Friesen Bookstore. Click on the link:

Check out the website at 

Once the Janmans have dates and locations they will send out announcements. If you wish to receive their announcements please let them know at and ask to be added to their email list.

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