Monday, September 19, 2016

New Sponsor - Listowel Trophies

Listowel Trophies has agreed to sponsor the "live model" sketching and drawing booth space. Instructors from Gail Adams Studio of Arts will be on hand to help artists sketch the live models that are coming from the Zoo Society and Living Sky Wildlife Rehab - and maybe a few other places as well. People not wishing to participate in the sketching are welcome to sit in and listen to what the handlers have to say about their models and answer any questions.

There is no charge to the public - but donations to the models are appreciated. 

This promises to be a very popular event - don't miss it.

Saturday - October 22 at Prairieland Park - Hall C starting at 9:30 am

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Framing Photographs for Reflections of Nature Show

It was decided at the Sept 13 (2016) meeting that photographs do NOT need to be framed and under glass to be entered into the Reflections of Nature Show.

They should have a matt and they must be properly mounted on to a backing. Velcro will be used to hang them on the boards. 

We still accept framed pieces - the photographs are better protected when behind glass.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday morning workshop

The Business of Selling Art with instructor Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Do you want to take your art to a new level and enter the world of marketing for profit?  This is the information you will need to develop your business plan, price your work, market and approach galleries and shops.

Areas covered include:
How to price your work?
What is it that galleries are looking for?
What are the requirements for tax registration?
How to create a portfolio that the galleries want?
How to sustain your business?
How can social media be your marketing tool?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Reflections Meeting

Our next planning meeting for Reflections will be 

Meeting: Tuesday, September 13   
Doors open at 7:00 for Networking & to show what we are working on 
Meeting starting at 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Holy Convenant Orthodox Church Basement - use side door
1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon

May 10 Reflections Minutes

May 10 SWAA Minutes


If you are considering being a sponsor for our 2016 Reflections of Nature we would like to ensure that you are aware that if we receive confirmation of that sponsorship prior to September 30 we will include you in the booklet we produce for the auctions and hand out at the Gala Opening.

So - let us know by September 30 so we can include your information there. 

We gladly accept sponsorship after that day, but can't include it in the advertising in the booklet.

Sept 30 Deadlines

WOW - September already!

There is a number of September 30 deadlines coming up fast:

- early bird registration discounts for workshops - Click here

- Rental of display boards or tables for artists wanting to display work, but not compete - Click here

- Click here for information about booth space (no deadline, but limited spaces)

- Information must be received by Sept 30 if you are entering something in the Gala Opening Auction and would like to have your information included online and in a handout about that. 
Click here for information about the Gala Opening. 
Click here to see what we put online in 2015 from information received by Sep 30 , 2015.
Click here to see the print layout for the 2015 Auction Booklet. Note that the 2016 booklet will not be in colour - and that we will ensure it gets distributed that night (we had problems in 2015, the first year). 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Paint Nite Tickets will be in Silent Auction

Kassidy Marschal, Owner/Licensee of Paint Nite Saskatoon is donating tickets to the Silent Auction at Reflections. The Paint Nites are getting popular - a really fun way to spend an evening.