Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sept 30 Deadlines

WOW - September already!

There is a number of September 30 deadlines coming up fast:

- early bird registration discounts for workshops - Click here

- Rental of display boards or tables for artists wanting to display work, but not compete - Click here

- Click here for information about booth space (no deadline, but limited spaces)

- Information must be received by Sept 30 if you are entering something in the Gala Opening Auction and would like to have your information included online and in a handout about that. 
Click here for information about the Gala Opening. 
Click here to see what we put online in 2015 from information received by Sep 30 , 2015.
Click here to see the print layout for the 2015 Auction Booklet. Note that the 2016 booklet will not be in colour - and that we will ensure it gets distributed that night (we had problems in 2015, the first year). 

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