Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Reflections Officers

We now have a new slate of officers to head up the organization of the Reflections of Nature Show 2018. 

Chair - Beth Campbell
Co-chair - Robyn Magera
Secretary - Judy Kasdorf (with Harvey Rebalkin as backup)
Treasurer - Brian & Connie McConnell

Some of the committees have been started with members stepping forward to head up teams:
Judges - Harvey Rebalkin will coordinate. Sharon Walker will assign judges for photography. Looking for someone for the carving, sculpture & painting events.
Booths - Jack Magera & John Waddington 
Competition Guide - Sheri Gordon 
Ribbons - Holly Edwards 
Sponsorships & Grants - Beth will apply for some, but needs to form a team 
Advertising - Harvey Rebalkin will form a team
Auctions - Holly Edwards & Lori Merkle
Registration - Audrey Boyd
Show photographer - Wayne Keating
Volunteers - Harvey Rebalkin & Audrey Boyd

There are still areas that need coordinators:
Venue / Set-up

And - we will need people to help out on the teams. So, if you are interested in being a part of this exciting process, don't hesitate to contact me or someone else on the executive. 

Thank you to those who are stepping down:
Audrey Boyd - stepping down as treasurer
Reuben Unger - was taking care of the Venue & Set-up
Holly Edwards - was Co-chair and Vice President
Bob Gander - had looked after the booths

This should be an exciting year! 

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