Sunday, January 31, 2021

New Executive!

 Welcome to Irene Stroshein, the new President of SWAA! We are still hoping for find someone who would be willing to step into the Vice President position since Jason Doucette has stepped down. 

Connie and Brian McConnell have stepped down from the treasurer and co-treasurer positions. Laurie Friessen is now our new treasurer. We welcome anyone who would like to help her out.

Cynthia Stock will stay in position as our secretary. Paul Perron has agreed to remain the event coordinator. As well as now being the Past President Beth Campbell has agreed to become the membership coordinator. She will also stay on as the website manager. Colin Chatfield & Tara Magee have agreed to become our new newsletter editors. 

So welcome to our new executive:

President: Irene Stroshein
Treasurer: Laurie Friessen
Secretary: Cynthia Stock
Past President: Beth Campbell
Event Coordinator: Paul Perron
Membership Coordinator: Beth Campbell
Newsletter Editors: Colin Chatfield & Tara Magee
Website Manager: Beth Campbell
Social Media: Colin Chatfield, Tara Magee, Beth Campbell. Jason Doucette

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