Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reflections of Nature 2016

After a successful meeting on Saturday, January 30 we have a new committee planning our show next October 21 - 23. 

Chair: Beth Campbell
Co-chair: Holly Edwards
Secretary: Judy Kasdorf

We do need to have a treasurer come forward from where ever he or she is hiding.

Many volunteers came out to start the planning process.  We have gone back to the old and familiar with the name of our show - Reflections of Nature - the annual natural art show & sale hosted by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association. New for 2016 is a sand carving workshop with international champion Paul Dawkins.  And we have discontinued the SWAA Award of Excellence which was put in place to encourage entries in some of our classes that were not as popular. It wasn't doing that and it was felt that the award money will be better directed elsewhere. 

A great start with an enthusiastic group of people! 

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