Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Saskatoon Collector Show

We have a booth at the show and we have lots of great stuff there. Art by the volunteers at the show. And the felted chickadees and note cards that are being sold to support the association. And the raffle items are there to tempt visitors into buying a ticket. The booth will change frequently throughout the weekend as new volunteers bring in their art. 

Leroy Royer carvings

Three paintings by Connie McConnell
and a buffalo painting & photo
by Beth Campbell

Connie McConnell paintings
Raffle photo by John Waddington

Painting of Max (dog) by Beth Campbell
Alcohol Ink paintings by Brian McConnell
Paintings by Connie McConnell

Some of the felted chickadees for sale to support the association. 
Check out the fancy hairdo on the one that Connie McConnell created.

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