Thursday, April 5, 2018

Artist Trading Cards - new for Reflections 2018

Artist Trading Cards

This is a fun idea where artists submit their art (paintings) in the form of an artist trading card (ATC). Cards would be displayed on a board and at the end of the show, the cards would be gathered together and randomly redistributed. The expectation would be that each artist would receive someone else’s card to take home. A good way to collect another artist’s work in this miniature form (2½” x 3½”). Since the ATC are so small we can accept mailed in entries from artists unable to come to the show. If entries come by mail from within Canada, the card they would receive will be mailed to them. They must provide a return stamped & addressed envelope with their submission.

Visit Wikipedia for information about Artist trading cards:

If you visit Michael's website you will see blank cards at:

Don't miss out on this great way to collect Artist Cards - same concept as "baseball cards" or other sports cards. 

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