Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reflections Purchase Awards Confirmed

Sharon Walker has confirmed that she will be sponsoring the Special Competition #2, the Saskatchewan Large Predator Purchase Award for $1,000.00.  The subject to paint for 2016 is the lynx.

Dr. David Stark has confirmed that he will once again sponsor Special Competition #3, the Shorebird and Wading Bird Purchase Award for $1200.00. 

The carvings for 2016 should be:
- an Egret or
- a Sandhill Crane


For more information about these special competitions go to:

Reflections Scratch Board Art Workshop

Scratch Board Art with Tania Nault
Reflections of Nature
October 22, 9 am - 4 pm
$60. (including materials)
About the Workshop: 
Scratchboard art is a direct engraving technique. Using sharp and/or abrasive tools, the artist makes a series of marks on the scratchboard surface to create an image. In this workshop students will learn: 
• about scratchboard materials and tools 
• a variety of techniques for working on scratchboard 
• how to use value to create a sense of dimension and space 
• how to add colour to scratchboard work 
• basic varnish and framing techniques for scratchboard
Seeing Eye-to-Eye: Zebra
Scratchboard, 12 x 9 in. 

Copyright 2011, Tania Nault. 
3rd Best in Show 
Reflections of Nature, 2011
About the Instructor: 
Tania Nault has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Art History from the University of Regina (1993) and has worked in scratchboard since 1999. 

Contact Beth Campbell ( to register for this workshop.

New Treasurer for SWAA & Reflections

Audrey Boyd has stepped forward to act as a treasurer for both SWAA and Reflections.  

We will still be looking for more volunteers. In particular we will need someone to record the competition results.  

We will be posting more here in the next few weeks to give volunteers a chance to pick the job best suited to them. 

So - be sure to check back.

Reflections of Nature 2016

After a successful meeting on Saturday, January 30 we have a new committee planning our show next October 21 - 23. 

Chair: Beth Campbell
Co-chair: Holly Edwards
Secretary: Judy Kasdorf

We do need to have a treasurer come forward from where ever he or she is hiding.

Many volunteers came out to start the planning process.  We have gone back to the old and familiar with the name of our show - Reflections of Nature - the annual natural art show & sale hosted by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association. New for 2016 is a sand carving workshop with international champion Paul Dawkins.  And we have discontinued the SWAA Award of Excellence which was put in place to encourage entries in some of our classes that were not as popular. It wasn't doing that and it was felt that the award money will be better directed elsewhere. 

A great start with an enthusiastic group of people! 

A meeting for the Future of the Reflections Art Festival

We are looking for more volunteers to help plan Reflections 2016. 

A number of the long term volunteers and organizers feel that the time has come to "hand over the reins" to a new team. Many of them have been doing it for the entire 25 years of the show.  We need YOU to come out to join this new team.  If you can't make it we really want to know your opinion and if you are willing to volunteer to work on any committees.

If we don't get enough volunteers, we may need to cancel the show for at least one year.  I personally feel that we would lose momentum and members if this happens and that the show and perhaps the association will fold.  

To better understand what is involved in planning this show I have created a page with the planning outline.   
Please review it to see where you could help out - and to check that I haven't missed something.

Meeting: Saturday 30, 2016    

From 10 am - 1:30 pm

Holy Convenant Orthodox Church Basement - use side door
1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon

If you are able to help, please, PLEASE let me know what area you feel your expertise would be most valuable. I do not want to lose the show, but if we don't get enough response the 2016 show will be cancelled.

At the conclusion of the meeting we will be having a Pizza Potluck - pizza will be available at $3 / slice -  guests are encouraged to bring  salads and/or desserts. Spouses are welcome to join us. 

After that - we will have our annual "Christmas in the New Year Party" from 1:30 - 4:00.  Spouses are welcome to join us. We do have an optional gift exchange which is a great way to collect each other's art since the gifts are often a small piece of a member's artwork (my husband gives a piece of my work so he can be included).  We are inviting past members as well as those thinking of joining the association - it is a fun way to get to know each other.


Please RSVP Beth Campbell  by Thursday to let me know if you are coming. 
Phone: 306-260-3408 (leave message if phone isn't answered)