Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reflections 2016 Results

Congratulations to all those who entered their work in our Reflections of Nature 2016 Art Show & Sale. It was a great show!

For a listing of the winning entries go to:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kingfisher Design - Speed painting by

This video uses zentangle patterns in the background. There will be a Zentangle Nature Themes workshop with Margaret Bremner at The Reflections of Nature Show on Saturday, Oct 22. This video is not by Margaret but it gives a good idea of what zentangle can be about. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pumpkins ..... huge pumpkins ..... white pumpkins

The pumpkins have been gathered up - what isn't carved at the Reflections of Nature Art Show will be sold at the show - you can take it home to carve. 

The pumpkins that are carved there on Saturday (Oct 22) will be sold at the auction on Sunday (Oct 23 starting at 2:00 pm. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Sponsor - Listowel Trophies

Listowel Trophies has agreed to sponsor the "live model" sketching and drawing booth space. Instructors from Gail Adams Studio of Arts will be on hand to help artists sketch the live models that are coming from the Zoo Society and Living Sky Wildlife Rehab - and maybe a few other places as well. People not wishing to participate in the sketching are welcome to sit in and listen to what the handlers have to say about their models and answer any questions.

There is no charge to the public - but donations to the models are appreciated. 

This promises to be a very popular event - don't miss it.

Saturday - October 22 at Prairieland Park - Hall C starting at 9:30 am

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Framing Photographs for Reflections of Nature Show

It was decided at the Sept 13 (2016) meeting that photographs do NOT need to be framed and under glass to be entered into the Reflections of Nature Show.

They should have a matt and they must be properly mounted on to a backing. Velcro will be used to hang them on the boards. 

We still accept framed pieces - the photographs are better protected when behind glass.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday morning workshop

The Business of Selling Art with instructor Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Do you want to take your art to a new level and enter the world of marketing for profit?  This is the information you will need to develop your business plan, price your work, market and approach galleries and shops.

Areas covered include:
How to price your work?
What is it that galleries are looking for?
What are the requirements for tax registration?
How to create a portfolio that the galleries want?
How to sustain your business?
How can social media be your marketing tool?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Reflections Meeting

Our next planning meeting for Reflections will be 

Meeting: Tuesday, September 13   
Doors open at 7:00 for Networking & to show what we are working on 
Meeting starting at 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Holy Convenant Orthodox Church Basement - use side door
1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon

May 10 Reflections Minutes

May 10 SWAA Minutes


If you are considering being a sponsor for our 2016 Reflections of Nature we would like to ensure that you are aware that if we receive confirmation of that sponsorship prior to September 30 we will include you in the booklet we produce for the auctions and hand out at the Gala Opening.

So - let us know by September 30 so we can include your information there. 

We gladly accept sponsorship after that day, but can't include it in the advertising in the booklet.

Sept 30 Deadlines

WOW - September already!

There is a number of September 30 deadlines coming up fast:

- early bird registration discounts for workshops - Click here

- Rental of display boards or tables for artists wanting to display work, but not compete - Click here

- Click here for information about booth space (no deadline, but limited spaces)

- Information must be received by Sept 30 if you are entering something in the Gala Opening Auction and would like to have your information included online and in a handout about that. 
Click here for information about the Gala Opening. 
Click here to see what we put online in 2015 from information received by Sep 30 , 2015.
Click here to see the print layout for the 2015 Auction Booklet. Note that the 2016 booklet will not be in colour - and that we will ensure it gets distributed that night (we had problems in 2015, the first year). 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Paint Nite Tickets will be in Silent Auction

Kassidy Marschal, Owner/Licensee of Paint Nite Saskatoon is donating tickets to the Silent Auction at Reflections. The Paint Nites are getting popular - a really fun way to spend an evening.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Welcome New Sponsor

John Benesh from Benesh Bitz & Company has come on-board to sponsor 5 students for workshops at our Reflections of Nature Show & Sale. 

Click here to see the website for Benesh Bitz & Company

We appreciate the support and welcome John Benesh!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Colourful Travels" by Barbara & Bill Janman

Barbara and Bill Janman, long-time attendees of Reflections would like to introduce 

This newly published book is not only a colouring book but a journal and sketch book as well. Colouring has shown therapeutic benefits for the brain, as well as general wellness, quietness, mindfulness. These books trigger thoughts about past experiences which may help to re-wire pathways of memory. 

You can create your own story as you tour Alberta. Describe when, where, why, what you are doing and who you meet along the way. Maybe you keep track of mileage and expenses too, there’s room for that. Encourage your family to be creative together, get Grandpa and Grandma to tell you about their previous experience while touring Alberta. These books have something for everyone. 

There are short descriptions or stories tied to the scenes you will be colouring. These bits of information are designed to educate as well as trigger memories of places we have visited or perhaps where we might want to visit next. 

We will receive our first copies of Colourful Travels in mid-August and will be launching this book shortly thereafter. 

We will invite you to join us to help launch the very first book in the series of “Sights of Canada”. There are a total of 6 books covering Canada coast to coast.  

“Sights of Canada – Alberta “ is available now on at the Friesen Bookstore. Click on the link:

Check out the website at 

Once the Janmans have dates and locations they will send out announcements. If you wish to receive their announcements please let them know at and ask to be added to their email list.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

2016 Raffle at Reflections of Nature

We have our 2016 raffle tickets ready to go. Contact Audrey Boyd at  if you would like some to sell. We will make arrangements to get some out to you. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SaskTel Sponsorship

SaskTel is coming on-board for our show. They will sponsor the Youth Competitions by giving us $200. This will help cover:

- cost of displays
- cost of signage 
- cost of ribbons

This is great! Thank you SaskTel. 

We will still be looking for a youth sponsor to cover the cost of registration for the youth. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blackstrap Art Studio Tour

Reuben Unger is part of the Blackstrap Art Studio Tour - be sure not to miss it!  He will be at Hieberts Hot Shop. Visit their website for more information:

Reuben will be the Featured Artist at Reflections of Nature 2016 in October. 

Marion Janzen, another Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association Member will also be a part of the tour at Bluebird Hills Studio. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reflections Purchase Awards Confirmed

Sharon Walker has confirmed that she will be sponsoring the Special Competition #2, the Saskatchewan Large Predator Purchase Award for $1,000.00.  The subject to paint for 2016 is the lynx.

Dr. David Stark has confirmed that he will once again sponsor Special Competition #3, the Shorebird and Wading Bird Purchase Award for $1200.00. 

The carvings for 2016 should be:
- an Egret or
- a Sandhill Crane


For more information about these special competitions go to:

Reflections Scratch Board Art Workshop

Scratch Board Art with Tania Nault
Reflections of Nature
October 22, 9 am - 4 pm
$60. (including materials)
About the Workshop: 
Scratchboard art is a direct engraving technique. Using sharp and/or abrasive tools, the artist makes a series of marks on the scratchboard surface to create an image. In this workshop students will learn: 
• about scratchboard materials and tools 
• a variety of techniques for working on scratchboard 
• how to use value to create a sense of dimension and space 
• how to add colour to scratchboard work 
• basic varnish and framing techniques for scratchboard
Seeing Eye-to-Eye: Zebra
Scratchboard, 12 x 9 in. 

Copyright 2011, Tania Nault. 
3rd Best in Show 
Reflections of Nature, 2011
About the Instructor: 
Tania Nault has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Art History from the University of Regina (1993) and has worked in scratchboard since 1999. 

Contact Beth Campbell ( to register for this workshop.

New Treasurer for SWAA & Reflections

Audrey Boyd has stepped forward to act as a treasurer for both SWAA and Reflections.  

We will still be looking for more volunteers. In particular we will need someone to record the competition results.  

We will be posting more here in the next few weeks to give volunteers a chance to pick the job best suited to them. 

So - be sure to check back.

Reflections of Nature 2016

After a successful meeting on Saturday, January 30 we have a new committee planning our show next October 21 - 23. 

Chair: Beth Campbell
Co-chair: Holly Edwards
Secretary: Judy Kasdorf

We do need to have a treasurer come forward from where ever he or she is hiding.

Many volunteers came out to start the planning process.  We have gone back to the old and familiar with the name of our show - Reflections of Nature - the annual natural art show & sale hosted by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association. New for 2016 is a sand carving workshop with international champion Paul Dawkins.  And we have discontinued the SWAA Award of Excellence which was put in place to encourage entries in some of our classes that were not as popular. It wasn't doing that and it was felt that the award money will be better directed elsewhere. 

A great start with an enthusiastic group of people! 

A meeting for the Future of the Reflections Art Festival

We are looking for more volunteers to help plan Reflections 2016. 

A number of the long term volunteers and organizers feel that the time has come to "hand over the reins" to a new team. Many of them have been doing it for the entire 25 years of the show.  We need YOU to come out to join this new team.  If you can't make it we really want to know your opinion and if you are willing to volunteer to work on any committees.

If we don't get enough volunteers, we may need to cancel the show for at least one year.  I personally feel that we would lose momentum and members if this happens and that the show and perhaps the association will fold.  

To better understand what is involved in planning this show I have created a page with the planning outline.   
Please review it to see where you could help out - and to check that I haven't missed something.

Meeting: Saturday 30, 2016    

From 10 am - 1:30 pm

Holy Convenant Orthodox Church Basement - use side door
1426 Alexandra Avenue, Saskatoon

If you are able to help, please, PLEASE let me know what area you feel your expertise would be most valuable. I do not want to lose the show, but if we don't get enough response the 2016 show will be cancelled.

At the conclusion of the meeting we will be having a Pizza Potluck - pizza will be available at $3 / slice -  guests are encouraged to bring  salads and/or desserts. Spouses are welcome to join us. 

After that - we will have our annual "Christmas in the New Year Party" from 1:30 - 4:00.  Spouses are welcome to join us. We do have an optional gift exchange which is a great way to collect each other's art since the gifts are often a small piece of a member's artwork (my husband gives a piece of my work so he can be included).  We are inviting past members as well as those thinking of joining the association - it is a fun way to get to know each other.


Please RSVP Beth Campbell  by Thursday to let me know if you are coming. 
Phone: 306-260-3408 (leave message if phone isn't answered)